Corporate website:
Sooner or later every company there is a need for business expansion, and one of the main tools is the Internet. It becomes apparent that a need to develop a good website. At this stage, many are faced with the problem of where to order the development and production company website. Internet is filled with suggestions that promise in a few days to develop a site that brings you stunning results. In this situation, it is difficult to choose an offer to design and manufacture of Internet sites that can be fully trusted. Our advice - do not trust him, and outcome. We are proud of our previous work on the development of web sites and design for these sites. They are better than any words show why you should order the development and production of Web site in the company

Site card:
Online business card - this is why many companies to open an office in the Internet. The website business card can be posted basic information about the company, its products or services. The cost of creating the site cards is lower than the development of web sites other direction. But at the very low cost you get a great result. Site Design and manufacture of cards takes a little time and lets you quickly bring your business to the Internet. Properly designed site card can be an effective advertising tool for your company. Moreover, the structure of the website business cards if necessary, can be modified and expanded to an online store, and other options.

Online Shop:
E-shop - a shop, "showcase" which is located on the Internet and that makes it possible to order goods over the Internet.

Why run to the shops in search of the right purchases? There are Internet shopping easy and cheap, and their services are used more and more people. Online Stores - it is trading sites for small and medium businesses. In the online store can be implemented practically any trading scheme: trading in stock and on order, trade with individuals and organizations, trade and real digital goods, services, information, etc. .

The site shop is usually a detailed catalog with prices, on the basis of which the user creates the order. When ordering goods online store, you can receive them by mail or courier, and simply pay when receiving or via the Internet.

Order Delivery: After sending the order to the buyer contacts the seller and specifies the place and time at which the order should be delivered. Shipping is either its own courier service, or company that provides delivery service or by mail - or by sending by post.

Development of corporate identity:
Corporate identity - is a collection of graphic forms, methods and principles of design elements of visual identity company, united by the idea that the main task - to draw the company into a number of their kind, and create a unique and recognizable image in the eyes of consumers.

Corporate style of the firm is one of its main marketing tool, which largely determines the company's image and its communication strategy. A professionally designed corporate identity is the true key to the unity of all corporate materials company, a high level of awareness and memorability consumers, as well as formation of a stable positive image of the company.

Development of corporate identity based on the logo or trade mark. Having determined the stylistic idea, proportions, brand colors and lettering solution for corporate identity, we will develop a unified concept of the visual elements of corporate identity for any business, advertising, presentations, marketing materials and other companies.

Create design layouts of advertising and printed materials:
Logo, business card corporate card, etc. - Are elements of corporate identity, allowing to stand out among other companies. Any company sooner or later faces the question of the development of corporate identity. Properly constructed concept of creating an image simultaneously solves two main tasks: aesthetic and functional.

Creating electronic document management systems:
Creating electronic document management systems (DMS) and the introduction of the SED will enable your employees safe, secure and dynamic work environment in which they need information and business processes together in easy-to-work system.