Type of work

Cost of works

Site card (up to 5 pages)

from 100$

Advanced Website

from 225$

Internet directory

from 485$

Online Store

from 615$

Corporate Site

 from 1035$

  • When you create a very non-standard design or functional price is discussed separately.
  • Domain registration is carried out by the customer.
  • When a contract of service website hosting is provided free of charge.

 Rates for additional services

          Type of service

          Cost of services

Service site or online store (filled texts, products, news and other information)

from 85$

Making Internet banner

from 15$

Advertise site in Yandex search engines, Google, Rambler (One-time fee)


Monthly promotion in search engines Yandex, Google, Rambler - (price for all search engines, paid monthly)

from 100$

Change of site design (preparation of several design options, the option selected revision and the introduction of the new design of the site)

from 100$

Transfer site to another server


Some of the above types of work more time-consuming, others - less, more accurately can be found directly in the discussion over the phone.