Five rules to ensure accurate and rapid responses in the execution of search queries.

To begin, let us consider the general principles of the search engines. While entering a query to find the information we run through complex mechanisms to search all the pages indexed in the search engine at a time and archive the pages being changed (or deleted) at the moment. More information about the archive: any Internet search engine has mechanisms which regularly back up actual information in the search engine. Frequency of creation and storage of archival data from various Internet search engines is not much different. When issuing a query result, as a rule, archived information is highlighted and marked by the date of creation.
In the search engines there is an item with a list of rules for the execution of queries and special characters being used. This is a so-called language of search queries. We will not consider the characteristics of each Internet search engine, aiming only on the general rules.
So get down to the optimization of the search and execution time for getting of target responses with the most accurate results.

Rule # 1.
Search query should not be too common: a word or a long sentence will not suit. The optimal length is two or three words.

Rule # 2.
In the search phrase there should not be extra spaces between words. If possible, use nouns without prepositions and pronouns. Do not make search as a question. Try not to use punctuation marks, some of which may be seen by search engines as special characters and thus affect the result of the query.

Rule # 3.
The most accurate answer to your question will be on the first three pages, and then the accuracy reduces.

Rule # 4.
When you search using multiple search engines, the same query may give different results.

Rule # 5.
Use specific features of search engines (special characters, search by category), reading the help section before.
We hope the information provided will be a useful tool for you when searching through the Internet.

Links to reference information of popular Internet search engines:

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Plastic Logic flexible display can be cut with scissors.

The British company Plastic Logic (known for the creation of Plastic Logic reader 100, which is currently involved in a pilot program testing of electronic textbooks, taking place in seven regions of Russia) with the support of "RUSNANO" has developed a flexible color display for readers of electronic books. As reported by RIA Novosti, said this during a meeting with journalists, vice president for process design, Peter Fisher.

"This is a unique technology that is not none of our competitors," - he said.
Unlike competing developments, using glass filters, the display Plastic Logic is applied plastic base for all components, including the - filter. This allows you to bend the screen during operation, without distorting the image, and also increases the resistance to mechanical poverzhdeniyam.
The color display technology-based "electronic paper" size slightly smaller than A4 size plastic contains 1.2 million transistors. The screen resolution that can display four thousand colors is 75 dpi.
According to Fisher, the new screens, while existing in the form of working prototypes that can go into mass production during the year.

The world's largest video hosting YouTube website has updated the built-in sound editor. This is stated in the official blog of YouTube.

After updating the library of songs that users can apply to create a musical accompaniment to their commercials, grew up in a few times. Now it contains more than 150,000 tracks. Most of them - the instrumental.

To facilitate the search for tracks, YouTube offers the user to specify the parameters specifying the - keyword, genre (eg, "pop" or "electronic music") and the duration of the track (you can "order" search only those tracks whose duration corresponds approximately to the duration of the video).

The site also appeared a simple mixer. With it, users can determine whether the soundtrack of "override" your own sound clips.

Tools for editing audio part of the online service "Manager video." Under the rules of YouTube, the videos, which the creators have used a sound editor, you may see ads.

Mission of the DPRK on the site have found a template for U.S. $ 15

North Korea conducted a redesign of its representation on the Internet, buying the American web developer for $ 15 a template. Reported channel Fox News.

University student Michael Fordhemskogo DiTanna (Michael DiTanna) said innovation online, when preparing a training project of the Korean propaganda. DiTanna drew attention to the fact that the Internet site used for the DPRK advanced flash technology. A student identified on the site template costs only $ 15, designed by a resident of Southern California Robert Westmore (Robert Westmore). This template is designed for sites on the blog platform WordPress and Blogger. The Korean side has used the theme is almost unchanged, making only minor changes in the source code.

Westmore, learned that his work is used on the site of the DPRK, "was appalled." "Frankly, I do not even know that North Korea has a website," - he admitted in an interview with Fox News. Web designer for several years working at freelancing, sincerely glad of such advertising, and even gave Pyongyang a few tips on improving the appearance of the site.

As the channel, the site was launched in 2000 and since then serves as a "face" of the North Korean regime to the outside world. He was engaged in the development of a Son-Il Cho - in his own statement, an honorary citizen of North Korea and its authorized representative. Representatives of the site say that in a month it is visited by an average of 12 million users.

Communist North Korea is in confrontation with the West and in particular with the United States. Against the backdrop of missile launch "Ynha-3" relations between the two countries became even worse: the United States stopped supplying food to the DPRK, and that in response to lift the moratorium on nuclear and missile tests. Fox News links the use of American design on this site the technological backwardness of North Korea.